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Experience Tybee Island's amazing Tybee Post Theater

By: Brett Loehr / 22 Mar 2024
"The fun begins here!", was more than a catch phrase, it was a fact. This was one of my last thoughts as I
exited the historic Tybee Post Theater, jumped on my beach cruiser and headed back home for the
evening, but let's rewind.
The day began much like any other day, but this day was special. I had purchased a ticket weeks ago to
see, Soul Train: 70's Experience at the Tybee Post Theater.  The Tybee Post Theater is where everyone
around here goes for live music and performance arts. Tucked away on the North end of the island, in
the quiet Fort Screven Historic District sits a restored 1930s theater, and it's perfect for so many
different occasions!
I've spent many evenings and afternoons at the Tybee Post Theater, from watching first-run films like
Godzilla v. Kong to the Savannah Ballet performing Sleepy Hollow. I've cracked a rib laughing at the
Barefoot Comedy Club shows and I've released my inner hippie to jam out to local favorites, The Charlie
Fog Band. The Tybee Post Theater has something for everyone.
The experience begins when you step onto the theater grounds. The ocean waves can be heard crashing
against the beach and the shorebirds and seagulls squawk in the distance. The Theater's box office is
very welcoming and the ambiance really begins when the sun sets, and the small clear lightbulbs that
adorn the underside of the box office canopy illuminate to create a warm glow against the red brick and
swaying palm trees.
When I approached the theater a friendly woman donning a red vest with the Tybee Post Theater logo
greeted me and asked if I needed to purchase tickets.
I told her, "No, I have them on my phone", and then she smiled, opened the theater door and I walked
inside. The scent of freshly popped popcorn filled the foyer. People were laughing and smiling and were
dressed in their very best disco and funk attire. The colors were bright and the patterns playful. An usher
greeted me near the auditorium and offered to show me to my seat. The theater was full of people, but
didn't feel overcrowded. With only 207 seats in the auditorium, the space feels intimate, it feels friendly
and accepting of those within the space.
I took my seat and looked around; people were chatting with their neighbors, standing having drinks
with friends in the aisles and waiting in line for the concessions. Talk about low-cost drinks, not only did
the Tybee Post Theater have a variety of beverages to choose from, but everything I purchased was very
I made my way back to my seat just as the auditorium lights dimmed and the band walked out onto the
stage. The crowd gave them a cheerful round of applause, some whistled and everyone took their seats.
The band known as the East Coast Tribute Bands began to play and the audience loved every note. The
band had the authentic look and sound and they played with passion. The female lead singer broke into
"We are Family" by Sister Sledge and the entire crowd was dancing and grooving through the aisles, it
was truly incredible, the energy was pure electric and I'm sure that evening the theater was shining
brighter than the Tybee Lighthouse.

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